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Resting Lion Studio

As a working musician and songwriter, I record and produce music from a musician's perspective based on a thorough knowledge of all aspects of musical production. I have extensive experience in songwriting, composition & arranging, tracking, mixing, editing & mastering, CD duplication, package design and marketing. Resting Lion Studio's graphic design capabilities make it a true "one-stop shop" for seeing your project through from recording to final package design.

My goal as an engineer is to be fluid, unobtrusive, and supportive of the artist. I treat the studio and all its "toys" as a whole musical instrument, and I like to encourage musicians to experiment, explore and create in relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Resting Lion Studio offers digital audio recording facilities specializing in the following areas:

The Studio is comprised of two rooms: a 12x24' control room and a 12x24' performance space. Both rooms feature natural white pine walls, cathedral ceilings, and are treated to create comfortable and acoustically accurate performance and mixing spaces. Be sure to ask about the "whore-house curtains"!

Resting Lion Studio is an all-digital studio. Equipment and software include:

The Control Room

Views of the performance space

Resting Lion Studio